Tod’s: The innate sense of beauty

Tod’s: The innate sense of beauty


The innate sense of beauty, transferred in the taste of every object and in every gesture. A story of everyday elegance.

Everything is agile and light, weighing only on the refinement of the details.

It is a skin coming out of a research laboratory, to accompany a sophisticated traveler who moves around the world with her accessories. Dynamic as its style, it moves first and foremost among the colors. The iconic garments are also used in layers, the secrets guarded by zip and ribs, the charm entrusted to oversized bags, alternating with luxuries in extra-small leather.

His new winter has scraps of waxed and varnished paints, saddlery stitching and extra light padding, left by the continuous work in progress with which Tod’s translates its roots into the future.

The vision with which it carries on the DNA of the brand aiming at the unattainable, of its quality. A tomorrow of new modern mixtures, in which leathers and workmanship, movement and street proportions, are signs of an Italian style colored in autumn and Italian beauty, in every moment.


The Thea Bag. Tod’s reworks the elegance of the leather bucket, which transforms into the new cross body bag, full of secrets. With or without ribbing, the new bag is recognizable by the shape of the D-shaped opening, for the maxi charms that pulls the zip of the external pocket, for the unusual double shoulder strap, to be alternated with the leather handle. Precious detail that disappears when it reduces the measures to become a toy bag.

T Shopping. Definitely soft, dual-use. By hand or on the shoulder, playing with the use of side laces, the new shopping revisits the classic bag with a processing that cuts out a giant T on the skin. Closed by a sophisticated double T, made even softer by the suede lining, keeps the surprise of the side pockets hidden behind the zip.

Belt Capsules. The set of baby carriers revisited in all sizes, for everything. Port-cell wallet and lipstick-holder, to show off all together as an eccentric and dynamic belt, luxury and maximum freedom.


Winter Gommino. The iconic model connected with the rubber sole regains its codes and presents itself with a more biker shape and spirit. The sign of the rubber behind, the logo that is seen between the strings in front.

Para. The strong sign of the next winter, declined in autumn colors, matched with leather and suede. The para under the soft line of high boots, as a novelty for the classic moccasin and as usual in lacing for men.

Mask Boot. The gaiters with buckles are the contrasting mark of the leather heeled boot, the latest evolution of the most modern and urban saddlery.