Buccellati declare a “Tribute to Italy” signed by Peter Lindbergh


Buccellati declare a “Tribute to Italy” signed by Peter Lindbergh


The collaboration between Buccellati and the master of black and white photography, Peter Lindbergh, is renewed, to testify that the blurred and intense images created by the great photographic talent are the perfect representation of the timeless beauty of Buccellati, of his creations and of the women who they interpret them.
For this project, the protagonists of the campaign have been chosen to create a winning contrast: the super model Carolyn Murphy, seductive and powerful, full of charm and resourcefulness, and the actress Zhang Ziyi, so mysterious, dreamy and enchanting, like only a great Asian beauty can be.

Background of the photographic set Florence, a city with which Buccellati shares a good part of its craft tradition for the use of the Italian Renaissance goldsmith techniques, which has its cradle and its place of greatest development in Florence.

Focused on moments of everyday life, the countryside is dynamic and sensual and consists of shots captured in iconic places of the city: the Caffè Gilli, the courtyard of Piazza degli Uffizi, Piazza della Signoria and Giardino Torrigiani.

Inside the famous Caffè Gilli, the shots immortalise a simple but elegant woman, who lives moments of intense looks, enhancing her femininity and grace by wearing iconic objects such as the Macri and Étoilée bracelets, but also important earrings and cocktail rings, wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces.

The courtyard of Piazza degli Uffizi, thanks to its extraordinary architecture and particular light, makes the protagonists more dynamic and alluring.

Buccellati interprets the shots with jewels that represent the evolution of the goldsmith tradition of the Maison like the Macri in black gold and the fresh Hawaii line embellished with colored rings.
It is Piazza della Signoria, with the statues of the Loggia dei Lanzi, which can be glimpsed, as a backdrop to the Opera collection, worn by Carolyn Murphy.

In the heart of Florence, in the largest private garden in Europe within the city walls – Giardino Torrigiani -, Carolyn Murphy and Zhang Ziyi interpret the Buccellati style with extreme sensuality, wearing refined jewels for a magical evening.

Peter Lindbergh’s infallible eye captured the interpretative essence and beauty of Carolyn and Ziyi, who, by wearing Buccellati jewels, communicate personality and resourcefulness on the one hand, charm and mystery on the other.