Arizona Muse signed her first collection for BLAZÉ MILANO

Arizona Muse signed her first collection for BLAZÉ MILANO


Sharing a vision strongly rooted in the belief that every little step in the right direction can help trigger a real process of transformation in the fashion industry – one of the most polluting industries on the planet – BLAZÉ MILANO and Arizona Muse have joined forces to achieve a capsules that includes four exclusive items.

“Finally, the fashion industry, which has such a radical environmental impact, has realized how extremely urgent it is to start thinking in a sustainable way,” said Arizona Muse. “What excites me is that there are so many opportunities to reduce environmental impact and increase sustainable practices. And the thing of which I am strongly aware is that this does not in any way imply that the quality or the preciousness of the garments produced is compromised. “

“Even if we are still a niche brand, we realize that we have a strong responsibility: to show how high quality and refined design can perfectly coexist with a totally eco-sustainable approach” declared Corrada Rodriguez d’Acri, Delfina Pinardi and Maria Sole Torlonia, co-founders of BLAZÉ MILANO. “It was great to work with Arizona. His energy and his passion for sustainability issues have been a great inspiration for us. “

Some of the materials used for blazers were found through the support of The Sustainable Angle, a non-profit organization that develops and supports projects focused on minimizing the ecological impact of the fashion industry and society in general. Among the activities promoted by them is, for example, the Future Fabrics Expo, a fair organized in London from 2011 where 5,000 sustainable materials are exhibited.

The Arizona Muse x BLAZÉ MILANO capsule collection, which includes the iconic models of the brand, such as EVERYDAY BLAZER and BLAZER DRESS, both presented in two different versions, is made with some of the best eco-sustainable Italian fabrics on the market.

The EVERYDAY BLAZER, the iconic model of the brand, is available in a thick, warm black wool inspired by the Loden produced by Lanificio Subalpino, a textile company from Biella that produces fully certified eco-friendly products. The same model is also proposed in a lighter and softer version that uses a military green wool from Lanificio Zignone belonging to “Zone”, a collection of fine fabrics produced through the use of certified organic wool.

BLAZÉ MILANO and Arizona Muse have also reworked the BLAZER DRESS re-proposing it in a version made of fluid viscose sage green and also in a material fabric with a multicolored striped pattern. Both fabrics belong to the “Canepa GreenLab”, the eco-sustainable Canepa collection which follows the detox protocol drawn up by Greenpeace. “Canepa GreenLab” fabrics, made with 100% eco-friendly yarns, combine creativity and aesthetics with the most advanced technical innovation.

The unique and personal creative touch of Arizona Muse translates into a cactus print, lively but elegant, made in a sophisticated palette of colors played on shades of purple, lilac and green, which appears on the lining of each piece. In line with the eco-friendly spirit of the project, all linings are made of an eco-sustainable cupro and viscose fabric made by the Italian company Tessitura Marco Pastorelli.

“Working with BLAZÉ MILANO to create this capsule collection was an extremely engaging adventure. I think it’s always a fantastic challenge to look for new solutions to get the same product by applying completely new solutions, “said Arizona Muse. “The cactus print is obviously inspired by my name and I think it gives the garments a” wild “touch that combines perfectly with the elegant and impeccable style of the brand.”

In addition, each piece is decorated with Australian and acoya nacre buttons produced by Bertrand.

The Arizona Muse x BLAZÉ MILANO capsule collection will be presented exclusively during Milan Fashion Week, when the brand will also unveil a series of images taken by photographer David Burton who portray Arizona in his London apartment.