Art Therapy & The Celebs That Swear By It

Art Therapy & The Celebs That Swear By It



It’s a well-known fact that in the US, everyone has a ‘shrink’ – AKA a therapist who they turn to whenever they need to. When someone mentions that they don’t have a therapist, everyone looks at them like they’re mad. This is because, in the US, mental health is taken exceedingly seriously, especially as one in five Americans reportedly suffer from some form of mental health problem.

There are a wide variety of ways that mental health problems can be dealt with and managed, but one of the most popular ways currently is via art therapy. While this form of relaxation-based treatment has been used for years, it has only gained momentum more recently. This form of therapy has proven highly popular with people from all walks of life, including many of the world’s most well-known celebrities.

Who has been in therapy and who swears by it? Below is a list of some of the celebrities that have used therapy (and art therapy) and swear by it, as well as some examples of the best types of art therapy for aiding mental health and wellness.

Who has used and swears by therapy?

Gwyneth Paltrow

After the birth of her son, Paltrow suffered from deliberating postpartum depression and ended up in therapy as a result of it. She explained that the hardest part for her was accepting that she needed help, but that once she was in therapy, she found it highly beneficial. She reportedly tried various forms of therapy, including art therapy.

Emma Thompson

Thompson became depressed after she struggled with her fertility. She’d already given birth to one daughter in 1999, but reportedly wanted more children and was unable to have any, which led to her feeling depressed and being diagnosed with clinical depression. She found that undergoing therapy once a week, which included aspects of art therapy, incredibly beneficial.


Rowling, one of the world’s most famous authors also reported suffering from depression when she wrote her first Harry Potter book. She created a fictional representation of her depression in the form of the Dementors – the guards of Azkaban Prison that feed off human happiness. Rowling was reportedly in therapy for years. Even after she’d become a huge success, she continued to seek support, including the use of art therapy.

What are the best methods of art therapy?

When it comes to dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, using art therapy can be a great option, and is one that many people, including a wide range of celebrities, swear by.

Painting can be highly relaxing and can also be a great form of self-expression, making it a popular choice for art therapy. Origami, such as the folding techniques shown on the Origami Way blog, can also be a great form of art therapy, as not only does it relax you, it can also help to boost your happiness levels. Working with clay can also work well as a form of art therapy as clay is mouldable, and so allows you to work your frustrations out into it, as you create your art.

When it comes to dealing with mental health problems, various forms of therapy can be beneficial. However, art therapy is an option that is becoming increasingly popular, due to the astounding results that it offers.