Neith Nyer Prefall 18/19

Neith Nyer Prefall 18/19


Francisco Terra and leo d’Oriano for the art direction for these new images were inspired by Weegee ‘s shootings with infrared camera in movie theatres in the 50’s. The shooting has been done at the Beverley movie theatre in Paris, the last temple of vintage porn movie just before its definitive closing in January 2018.

The key silhouette of the collection is inspired by family pictures of that time, and are a preview of what FW 1819 Show is preparing to be. The idea is to contextualize the excess of the 80’s, revisiting Neith Nyer’s DNA materials and looks. Ruffles and gathers become a feature of seduction, the fake fur brings the viewer back to their teddy bears, and the tight slit trousers, signature of the label, are twisted in waxed cotton and ribbed velvet to gain new life.

“At the time some looks almost felt like Carnaval, clothes were borrowed, so often too big and just top-stitched to fit the body, i wanted to play with this and use as much as possible those memories. The print of the face is my aunt, she was a model in the 80’s, you will also find pictures of my parents hidden here and there, sometimes by the logo on a t-shirt sometimes on the inside a pocket.”

The conception of PreFall 2019 reinforces the concept of the label on being the creative’s director secret diary. Stories and memories get out of the paper to take life into the garments. The clothes are designed to flirt with the limits of vulgarity yet turning them into luxury and the boundaries will be pushed for the upcoming show on February 28th during Paris Fashion Week.

Photography: Leo D’Oriano

Styling Guillaume Boulez

Make Up Celine Exbrayat

Hair Sumyio