Ksenia Schnaider Backstage from UFW

Ksenia Schnaider Backstage from UFW


Ksenia Schnaider arranged an exhibition instead of runway

Instead of ordinary runway during UFW Ksenia Schnaider arranged an exhibition. The main idea was inspired by location of the ivent – the Arsenal Museum. 25 models stood like sculptures in outlined squares with the inscription “Fragile”. There was shown only part of the collection and the full version of Ksenia Schnaider FW’18/19 will be prepared for the Paris Fashion Week, meanwhile, the brand is going to be presented in Polly King & Co.

“It’s not for us just to do the recycling for the sake of the recycling, it’s interesting for us to do it naturally, for example, in our collection there is a double-breasted blazer with a good fit (every day we receive dozen mentions from bloggers on instagram) and no one realizes that it is made of 6 pairs of worn jeans, – tells co-founder of the brand Ksenia Schnaider, – I am happy that first of all people see just a cool thing. I think you can literally teach people to be more aware and to consume less. In addition, there are a lot of jeans from new fabrics of the ISKO factory, which have very high production standards, for example, they reuse water, bleach denim with nitrogen instead of chlorine, and, do not use harmful chemicals for staining “– supplements Anton Schnaider.

According to Ksenia, all collections of the brand are always the search for a balance between male and female, sports and elegance. Ksenia Schnaider combines models sewn from the old sports uniform and corsets with bustier dresses of dense black denim. They look smart and sexy but made from very coarse “everyday” material.