Sweet sweet Love

Sweet sweet Love


By Chiara Figueroa

It is said that the partner  “be tempt with delicacies” and then what a party of lovers would be without a Valentine’s cake? Here is a selection of the sweetest temptations found on the web

When romance and sweetness are never enough … choose our gift packs to contain not only sweet temptations but also precious gifts.   www.pasticceriacappello.it

Romance A wind of romance blows over the Maison Angelina for this Valentine’s Day and the hearts beat wild … Succumb to “Romance”, a pastry creation with bright red whose delicate marriage of raspberry and pistachio is a mixture of intensity and sweetness.   www.angelina-paris.fr

A unique, generous and gourmet object made up of two morsels to share. The first is made from a vanilla-almond paste coated in dark chocolate; the second from a ginger ganache coated in milk chocolate. Together, they form the heart of our Valentine’s Day Heart. A creation by Pierre Tachon   www.lechocolat-alainducasse.com




The red heart-shaped tin box has a soft flock-effect lid, embellished with a pleated ribbon and a jacquard label with a golden Armani/Dolci logo.   www.armanidolci.com

Biscuit madeleine, vanilla cream from Madagascar, fresh strawberries.   chezbogato.fr

A dessert to share in love! Crunchy sweet dough, light coconut ganache, almond biscuit and raspberry compote  by La Patisserie Cyril Lignac.  www.gourmandcroquant.com


4 mini éclairs = 4 perfumes = 4 words of love I love you / A little / A lot / To madness Chocolate cream / Vanilla cream / Passion cream / Salted butter caramel cream   leclairdegenie.com


Le Coeur Pouchine…red  love to share to two. You fall for this very crisp heart raspberry chocolate.   cafe-pouchkine.fr

Let the cookies do the flirting with this set of vanilla cookie designs, in the shape of lips, hearts, an arrow, a speech bubble and XO. Presented in a luxury pastel pink window box.   www.peggyporschen.com


Macaron biscuit, rose petal cream, raspberries and litchis. Combining the sweetness of rose, the tartness of raspberry and the exotic flavour of the litchi may seem complex, but it becomes obvious when you consider the aromas and flavours and how they complement and prolong each other.   www.pierreherme.com