Ksenia Schnaider Pre-Fall18

Ksenia Schnaider Pre-Fall18


Ksenia Schnaider continues to develop its colorful aesthetic and also demonstrated its in the process of elevating the brand to higher standards using particular scheme and unique numeration of reworked fabric pieces. Besides upsycling of vintage items, the brand collaborates with sustainable ISKO textile manufacturer which produces premium quality denim.

“We think about culture in general and follow its manifestations. Now we are obsessed with ideology of metamodernism that reflects our current mood. Generally speaking, metamodernism reconstructs things by joining their opposing elements in an entirely new configuration rather than seeing those elements as being in competition with one another.” – says Anton. “We don’t gain the upcoming fur-free or recycle trends but we like challenges, nobody knows what will be produced from regular things by ourselves in future — continues Ksenia — from last year we made 3000 new items of vintage jeans and makes jokes that we recycled almost all pairs of jeans in Kiev. Meanwhile, the fact that we help our planet makes us feel good.”

Photo : Anna Daki @ Klaus Stiegemeyer

Model : Winnie @ Seeds

Makeup and hair : Kim Keusen