New designers to follow: Exemplaire

New designers to follow: Exemplaire


Created in 2012, EXEMPLAIRE creates objects for living. Initially specializing in luxury knits and fine leather goods for men, EXEMPLAIRE now expands its luxury concept to lifestyle: a complete men’s wardrobe, limited edition crafts, travel accessories, fragrance.

Three strong convictions characterize the EXEMPLAIRE state of mind and editorial approach: The meaning of objects: true quality workmanship, sensuality of materials, love for beauty, tangibility and sustainability. EXEMPLAIRE desires intimate and lasting luxury, with products that develop over time according to the image and the use of the person who possesses them.
A particular idea of travel: exploration only matters if we discover, far from home, that which cannot be found anywhere else.

The EXEMPLAIRE style is a subtle and meticulous art of contrasts: a look that is distinguished and relaxed, a simple and luxurious grain, fitted cuts and noble materials, clothing with character and a feeling of reassurance wearing them, a sober and basic palette, full mastery of know-how in a decidedly contemporary spirit.

The man who loves this style is an urban hedonist with rebellious nonchalance. Free, perfectionist, young no matter what his age, sassy and seductive; in life, he deploys a delicately subversive energy: lover of fashion yet not a slave to trends; connoisseur of codes yet nonconformist, Parisian yet not Parisianistic; a traveler yet not a tourist; ambitious yet not a social climber… In a word: exemplary yet not a role model.
This EXEMPLAIRE style has won so many people over that the house has opened its first boutique in Paris at 334 rue Saint-Honoré.

With his elegant, highly contemporary and casual look that shuns ostentation as well as obsolescence and dishevelment, the EXEMPLAIRE man is an urban hedonist with rebellious nonchalance. Sure of his taste, he likes clean and graphic lines, discrete and basic colors, luxury materials and distinctive details. Free, perfectionist, young no matter what his age, sassy and seductive; in life, he deploys a subversive energy exemplary of an art of living mastered by a single man

Longtime friends, Jean-Victor Meyers and Louis Leboiteux created EXEMPLAIRE at the age of 26 after realizing that they could not find the clothes they wanted to wear: elegant, casual, highly contemporary and high end. The success of their first two lines (cashmere and leather goods), designed by stylists in tune with the taste of EXEMPLAIRE’s creators, has allowed the house to now develop a complete menswear wardrobe.

The word “EXEMPLAIRE” – exemplary – refers to the house as a model for:

-Its unique style, destined to become a reference

-Its high standards on several levels: irreproachable quality; noble mate- rials; precisely- designed cuts; care and meticulousness of manufacturing; luxurious details that make the difference

-Its exclusivity, embodied by the principle of limited series (maximum 50 samples per design)

-Its exemplariness in the ethical sense of the word, with regard to manufacturing (production and use of materials in compliance with a code of ethics) and sales (high esteem of the customer)