POUDRE À LÈVRES a Chanel Exclusive Creation

POUDRE À LÈVRES a Chanel Exclusive Creation


POUDRE À LÈVRES Exclusive Creation

Chanel launched the new SS18 make up collection.This Collection is inspired by Lucia Pica’s undying love for Naples. An enchanting city in which nature, art and mythology are everywhere. The new products of the collection are:

LE VERNIS by CHANEL: A long-wear, protective nail polish with lasting shine designed to make vibrant colours dazzle. Long-wearing, extra-fine and ultra-shiny, each coat offers an absolutely even and lacquered result. We really loved “Giallo Napoli” e “Nuvola Rosa” colors.

JOUES CONTRASTE powder blush: The touch of colour and radiance in a dreaming name ” Foschia Rosa“.  Offers effects from very natural to very sophisticated. Used as a simple touch of colour, it gives your complexion a healthy glow. As a professional tool, it shapes and models your face (cheekbones, browbones, forehead, chin, along the nose).

ROUGES COCO GLOSS: In limited edition with names of Mithos main characters : Afrodite, Partenope, Sybilla, Poppea. The blue Afrodite effect is really unspected.

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET: A Luminous matte lip colour with the soul of a really Naples woman “Aristocratica” or “Indomabile.

LES 9 OMBRES Exclusive Creation Eyeshadow collection inspired by Pompei’s Affresco.

But we want focus the attention of the revolutionary POUDRE À LÈVRES Exclusive Creation, Lip balm and powder duo in Limited edition.

A playful duo that pairs innovation and sensoriality for buildable makeup intensity. In the black lacquered case, a moisturising balm that glides on with fingertips, to hydrate the lips and allow the powder to adhere while remaining weightless. Ultra-micronized pigments ensure adaptable sophisticated application and a long-wearing result.

For a natural result: after applying the balm with fingertips, add a touch of coloured powder to the center of the lips and gently blend with fingers for a blurred effect.
For a more sophisticated result: after applying the balm with fingertips, apply the powder as you would an eyeshadow, layering it on with the brush until achieving the desired coverage.
Additional tip: for a healthy glow effect, the powder can also be used as a blush. Apply to the top of the cheekbones with the brush included in the case.


To have additional information: Chanel Poudre à lèvres