Pink is the color code of Blumarine Pre-Fall 18

Pink is the color code of Blumarine Pre-Fall 18


Femininity, with a new ease. The Blumarine Pre-Fall 2018 collection reaffirms with unexpected nonchalance the values ​​that define the spirit of the maison. The sense of joyous seduction, the taste for intense colors and the choice of sensual materials that are the essential aspect of Blumarine charm gain spontaneity, breaking the limits of the bon ton code with elegant irreverence. The Blumarine woman is seen in a new perspective, at the same time sophisticated and closer to reality. His carefree grace is expressed through the way he mixes clothes, colors and textures: spontaneously.

The silhouette is feminine and fluid. Stratification is the keyword: a natural amalgam of contrasts. The outerwear has strong volumes and a wrap-around hand: fur-lined parkas, coats of shearling lacquer with rhinestones along the hem, inlaid fur coats, perfecto of shearling with rose prints and coats with dramatic fur collars protect fragile dresses and sweaters tactile, while flowers, laces and velvety effects further enrich the compositions. The lines are both short and graphic and long and liquid, in a mix of roses and stripes, fluctuating dresses and short tunics, flared trousers and turtlenecks.

The boots are constant, high or low, embroidered with roses or crystals, to underline the message of spontaneity and ease.

Textures and colors are mutually reinforcing: jacquard, dévoré and inlays are emphasized by the idiosyncratic fusion of pink, orange, plum and black.