Hiromichi Ochiai tells about “Emotion” Facetasm fw18

Hiromichi Ochiai tells about “Emotion” Facetasm fw18


“The feeling of aggravation enough to make your body shiver,
The feeling of disappointment that rips out your soul
The feeling of
sorrow beyond words
The feeling of profound bliss that slowly arises

The feeling of peace as a tear falls down your cheek”

“As we grow older, we begin to hide these pure emotions that we once so strongly felt as
kids. Then suddenly, these emotions come pouring out, as if a flood hit a broken dam. We forget about logic, about ourselves, and like a raging storm out of control, these feelings whirl and swirl together within. These emotions, the types that even surprise ourselves, became the inspiration for this collection – one that represents the moment a strong heart rises or drifts”.

“We wanted to capture that essence, and imprint that feeling directly onto the clothes. Fabrics where the wrinkles stay crinkled, dissymmetry and distortion, knotting and layering techniques – experimenting with such methods, I imagined what happens when a pure, strong emotion is felt, and expressed that image onto this collection.
If these pieces can move the feelings of the viewers, for me, there is no better feeling than that.

Lastly, I’d like to sincerely thank the Woolmark Company, as well as the extremely skilled fabric makers in Japan, for believing
in my vision and supporting me in every step along the way to have this collection come to life”.
Hiromichi Ochiai