The American Gothic in Palms Angels fw18

The American Gothic in Palms Angels fw18


American Gothic. A clash of opposite cultures: punk on one side; Mid-West America, on the other. Strong friction gives bold results.

Palm Angels draws on the classics of American iconography, he decontextualizes them fertilizes them with unexpected grafts and calls the neo-classical American result. Convention and rebellion. Religion against anarchy. Studs on tartan. Western, PVC details; prairie and latex flowers. Cowboy prints appear everywhere.

Dress up improvising hitchhiking in the wardrobe, patissing with the classics: the blazer, the proper dress, the raincoat, the five-pocket jeans, the cowboy shirt, the western down jacket, the jacket with zip.

Anti-shoplifters are an integral part of the garments. Velvet slippers develop studs. Metallic stalks run graceful bags with rainbow shoulder bags. Studded purse are hanging on the waist.

Men and women share appropriateness and abrasion. The faces are hidden behind nail balaclava and sunglasses. A sardonic look on antithetical worlds in shades of bright yellow, black, gray, flesh pink, denim blue. A hymn to plastic and synthetic as a link between angry punks and average Americans.