MARNI man autumn / winter collection of 2018 / 2019

MARNI man autumn / winter collection of 2018 / 2019


The Marni collection intuitively collect impressions and feelings. Connect visions, sounds and flavors.

Travel through worlds: moving or still. Spontaneously, automatically. Wrapped in a blanket, with Masai sandals on the feet. Protected by magnified montgomery. Enjoying the childish pleasures of handmade sweaters.

An innocent look, to keep the inner child alive. A plurality of stimuli, shaken and unmixed. In the laboratory, with the suit. On the field, in a quilted and printed duvet. In the rain, in giant windbreakers. Spoons of eggnog to strengthen the spirit with sugar injections.

Detour along the lines of notebooks, diaries and moods. Slice thoughts, cut them and put them back together. The audacity of immediate gestures. Decorate with small charms. Limestone a knit cap on the head. Pull the ties sideways.

Diaries that meet zibaldoni, notes on notes of accumulated experiences, put on. Each object, a point to be connected. Every glance, a path. Chinese brocades, Indian ikat, African stripes, English tweeds.

Ingenuity and wonder. Surprise of proportions and disproportions. Micro, macro and what is in between. S M L XL, put together randomly. Big feet and even bigger sneakers. Frank Navin who draws on surfaces parallel worlds inhabited by animals and objects.

Disregard boundaries or distinctions. Accumulate indefinitely, compulsively. Following no principle as the only principle. Intuition as a state of grace.