It’s Time to Plan Your Summer Wardrobe – What Will You Be Doing This Year?

It’s Time to Plan Your Summer Wardrobe – What Will You Be Doing This Year?


Every year we start thinking about summer vacation the moment the holidays are over. We’ve just enjoyed an extra day or two off and it felt like heaven. That was just a teaser for what lies ahead this summer and so most of us are already booking flights or arranging lodgings for that much anticipated break from work or school. However, it’s also time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. What you need depends on what you’ll be doing. Here are some tips for planning the perfect summer wardrobe.

Where Will You Be Vacationing?
Obviously, your vacation takes top priority because that’s what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? If you are going on a cruise, for instance, you’ll need a whole different wardrobe than you would if you bought a tent and cot on the My Family Tent website because you want to rough it in the Rockies. Once you have a travel destination in mind, you’ll have a better idea of what items of clothing you don’t already have and which of your outfits are no longer in fashion.

Where Do You Work?
There is nothing worse than heading off to the office dripping in sweat with your makeup melting down your face. When it comes to planning your summer wardrobe, you really need to focus on something other than what most of the girls will be wearing. Comfort in those hot summer months is more important than wearing the designer apparel.
What good does it do to wear something that will be soaked in sweat if you can be cool and comfortable in a fashion that costs less, but never made it to the top ten trends. You want to look your best at work, but that doesn’t always mean you need the trendiest outfits, as long as what you are wearing is appropriate, you’ll do well.

Open-toed Shoes Are a Summertime Must
Unless you work in an industry that requires closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes, summertime is the time to get that pedicure you’ve always wanted and go for open-toed shoes. Those with backstraps are actually even better because they leave more of your foot exposed. No, you probably can’t wear flip- flops to the office, but you certainly can wear shoes that leave enough of your foot exposed to keep you
Remember, when you are too hot, cool your feet and when you are too cold, heat your feet. This is the quickest way to bring your body to a healthy temperature and why they use this method in hospitals around the world.

Comfort vs. Style – Which Is More Important?

This summer, think comfort as well as fashion. If you can find the right mix you are all set. If not, maybe it’s time to let fashion take a back seat to comfort. You’ll look far better in last year’s styles than this year’s latest trends if you can stay cool and collected. Start planning your summer wardrobe now so that you’ll have what you need when the heat sets in.