For Xmas take “The Postman’s Gifts” from PRADA

For Xmas take “The Postman’s Gifts” from PRADA


Prada continue the story with Postman. Luxury brand presents four brief cinematic vignettes titled ‘The Postman’s Gifts’ directed by Autumn de Wilde. But this time the lead roles belong to the Prada accessories and in every movie their are unexpected things.

In ‘The Sensation’, ‘The Candy Jar’, ‘The Bubbles’ and ‘The Jacket’ we can see wild imagination of director. Fantasy moments and fanciful world.

Surreal scenarios unfold in each of the filmic shorts with adore to the accessories as like talismans or totems. Style is the same as in ‘The Postman Dreams 2’,  present aesthetic realm.

The background music is created by singer-songwriter Christian Wargo who performed the song called ‘Sealed with a Kiss’.

In every short Prada underlines women interact with their accessories. Women are satisfying with the gifts: the Prada Resort 2018 James Jean saffiano leather wallet, the Prada nylon wrist pouch, the Prada brass-bound Cahier saffiano leather wallet and the Prada Robot trick charm, respectively.

Different stories, different accessories and different heroes, but one thing united them – PRADA.