5 Detox Products that will help to recover after Holiday

5 Detox Products that will help to recover after Holiday


Body cleansing or detoxification – removal of accumulated toxic substances, toxins and slags from the body. Cleaning the body at home can help restore energy, regulate the body’s processes and improve mental health without more complex procedures.

The body cleansing is necessary after Christmas period, when we are eating diverse kind of confectionery, fat and heavy food. Below you can find 5 detox products that will help to recover after Christmas and feel light and fresh again.

Lemon. Start your day from the glass of water with fresh lemon juice. Lemons are rich in antioxidants that stimulates liver enzymes to purify themselves from toxins.

Tea. Green tea have many antioxidants and it is working against effects of mild toxic substances and improve liver function. Other option is to drink white tea. It is not well known, but this tea simultaneously stimulates the fat loss process and blocks the formation of fat cells.

Ginger. It is a true digestive tonic that helps blood circulation and accelerates the processes in the body.

Parsley. Begin to use parsley more often in the production of food as a natural and healthy spice that can also be spilled in the kitchen. This herb stimulates the removal of toxins through the urine.

Peppermint. Not only gives a nice mouth-breath, but acts as a natural, appetite suppressant and antibacterial agent that eliminates bacteria from food and makes you feel satiety faster.