Pink, Blue or Green hair? Makeup palette that perfectly fits YOU

Pink, Blue or Green hair? Makeup palette that perfectly fits YOU


Makeup is an integral part of the daily routine in most of the women life. Choosing makeup when you have blond or brown hair it is simple, but what to do if you decided to make extreme changes?

Hair color changing makes your face look different, things that you used earlier doesn’t look the same. It means that you need to change your content of your cosmetic bag and fill it with new colors and shades.

Pink hair

Pink color in 2017’s were one of the most popular. Pink hair trend it is something that you couldn’t ignore. What shadows to choose that perfectly fits unusual color of the hair?

Be brave – mix and match all shades of pink shadows with pink hairs. It doesn’t matter your hair is salmon pink, bubble gum or punch – pink, beige, black and silver eye shadows will look perfectly! If you prefer natural look, use just light tortilla with peach pink and create really natural look.

Blue hair

The beauty of blue hair is that you can find perfect tone that fits your skin tone: more black that is in the blend it is to all complexions, cool-skinned-girls need to add a bit more blue- based for a salter-y indigo shade. Blue hair color grab attention from the first sight and make you unique.

The fully ink blue, blue black or dark blue ombre perfectly fits brunette strands. Women with black hair can use this idea to create playful and brave image. This trick works for both – short and long hair.

Makeup palette colors for the women with blue hairs? Mix the black, brown, neutrals and metallic shades. Create smoky eyes, natural look or eye wing.

Green hair

Green hairs can look good not just on the Grinch and not just for Halloween. This peculiar color fits perfectly with nude shades, yellow and gold.

Preparing for party or for casual day one palette could accomplish all your needs. It is important to chose high pigmentation shadows to create impeccable look for all day.