New artistic craft center launched by Salvatore Ferragamo

New artistic craft center launched by Salvatore Ferragamo


In the world of leather the prime position takes Salvatore Ferragamo. The luxury leather brand proceed work on an investment strategy and the main purpose is a safeguarding of invaluable know-how. The new lab is created for designing and prototyping of leather’s good for female and male.

In Florence, exactly in the Osmannoro area Salvatore Ferragamo opened an artistic craft center where is trained in the field of technical excellence and also creativity for promote research into materials, likewise creating a style and manufacture of products hat meet market demand.

“In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, focused on the development of artisanal products that highlight the expert skills behind made-in-Italy production, the new leather goods atelier is a space for our artisans to cultivate their professional skills and passion for innovation and research, while upholding our long-standing values of tradition and craftsmanship”

CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo Group, Eraldo Poletto explained also that project is not only about leather crafting know-how. But either is going about opportunities for development, because through this venture they will test innovative materials, improve the quality and productivity of development processes.

To the team of master leather workers will join around twenty new artisans. In the workshop they will learn everything step by step from masters that will pass artisanal  skills. And with this exertion will be preserve the brand’s heritage and know-how.

 The making of a Salvatore Ferragamo “Thalia” shoulder bag.