5 the Best Hotels to Celebrate the New Year in Japan

5 the Best Hotels to Celebrate the New Year in Japan


Year 2018 is coming! Are you ready to welcome the New Year?

Where will you spend New Year’s Eve, at home with your second half? Or will you go on the party with your friends? Or maybe would you like to see a new place on this big world?

Holiday break is a perfect time to travel, you need to take just few days off and you can travel around the world. This time you can know the New Year in Asia and visit Japan. Make a trip to the country of Sushi and celebrate this special time with your close friends.


Take a look on the best places to stay during your journey to Asia!

#1 Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

The Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is located in history district of Kyoto, Higashiyama. Hotel was built close to the pong garden who once belonged to the wealthy samurai family and has more then 800 years old. Within easy reach are also couple of  gorgeous lesser-known temples, among others Buddhist temple  Sanjūsangen-dō where is huge collection of wooden deities called Hall with thirty three spaces between columns. Yogen-in temple also attracts attention withe the ceiling that is characterized by the bloody palm prints of warriors slain some 400-years ago. The most recognizable is Yasaka Pagoda, the last remnant of Hokanji Temple where pepole may climb up the inside of the five story pagoda.

Higashiyama is a perfect place to experience traditional old Kyoto!

 Higashiyama District, Kyoto

Temple with 1001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy

Hotel has a warm effulgence, lobby inviting world of creamy marble and cypress wood. Rooms are incredible, in the same time modern and with traditional Japanese interior design – characterized by fusama screen doors with pops of pale blue and imperial purple, dark hardwood floors and hand-painted panels. When you cross the bathroom threshold you will feel the citrusy scent of yuzu fruit.

If you want relax you can go out from hotel directly to an ancient ikeniwa (pond garden)

Guestroom with a temple view at the Four Seasons Kyoto

Restaurant  “The Brasserie”is located close to pond garden serves up classy Asian-European fusion food throughout the day. In the second restaurant “Sushi Wakon” can eat sushi prepared by renowned Tokyo sushi chef Rai Masuda.

#2 Asaba in Shuzenji, Shizuoka Prefecture

Asaba Hotel

The Asaba Hotel is located in Shuzenji town, in the heart of vivid Iza Peninsula. Away only of few hors from crowdly Tokyo. In this place prevails greenery.  Nature is the main point of visit, to feel relax in Japan. Close is a temple Shigetsu-den, inside of that building seat a sculpture of Buddha. Other point must to see when you are in Shuzenji is Hie Shrine.

Iza Peninsula 

Hie Shrine

Building of that hotel is an inn that dates back to 1489. This place is located on the edge of lake and is peaceful like a temple where guests can feel a special atmosphere  from beginning of their holiday in Asaba Hotel. When they arrive, wait for them bowing kimono-clad staff with greetings. To experience the Japanese spirit guests swap shoes for comfortable slippers. Area of Asaba though the history heritage has a blast of freshness with modern design.

Ryokan en suite dining room

In that hotel you won’t find a restaurant. Here guests will eat in the privacy of their own room, wear  cotton kimono-style yukata and eat dishes served like a classic kaiseki banquet. It is traditional ryokan style with all tatami mat floors. Breakfast can have form of traditional Japanese or can be in the western style. And when is time for a banquet on the low table appear refined meals from seasonal delicacies. Among others can eat eel hot pots, sashim or mountain vegetables.

#3 HOSHINOYA Fuji in Yamanashi


At the foot of the Mount Fuji and near to the Kawaguchi Lake is located HOSHINOYA Fuji hotel. This place is far away from Tokyo just few hours. During trip you can visit Kawaguchiko where is a Music Forest Museum – a small theme park and museum devoted to automatic musical instruments. Or  go on the ride in Tenjo Yama Park Ropeway climbs the side of Mt. Kachi Kachi. Don’t forget to see marvelous also Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine that holds the distinction of being the oldest shrine in Kawaguchiko and around Mount Fuji. Stop over Kawaguchiko station to take a look on Mount Fuji!

View on the Mount Fuji

Interior of Music Forest Museum in Kawaguchiko

Idea of that hotel reminds camping (but excluding tents). The reception looks like a small modern hut. There guests get a gift: map, containing binoculars, headlight and blanket, but also handkerchief that is a  kind of symbol for Japanese people. And later guests are driven to the forest located on the mountainside. All this elements create unusual time in HOSHINOYA Fuji. You can lost in the forest, between lovely greenery, take a part in campfire, take a rest in cosy library and have a look from you “Camping” room on the Mount Fuji.

Interior of the modern Japanese design room 

Chef Yuji Kanai serves in the vaulted wooden restaurant traditional Japanese dishes. This cuisine is characterized by boiled canola flower or melt-in-the-mouth deer steak fresh from Mount Fuji’s slopes. But to experience camping life and have some fun you can take an apron in the middle of forest and prepare from rare mountains vegetables.

#4 Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo

Restaurant in Mandarin Oriental

Nihonbashi is a historic center of Tokyo and in business area, and accurately in that place is located Mandarin Oriental hotel. In nearby is the Marunouchi district with elegant sores and luxurious restaurants. In this part of capital you should visit the historical Nihonbashi shops and craftsmen that still exist somewhere between “a sea” of skyscrapers.

Panorama on the capital of Japan

The Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Nihonbashi

Hotel is located on the higher floors of skyscraper called the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower. From 37th level is amazing view for incredible Tokyo and in the not cloudy day is possible to see Mount Fuji! Here traditional design have a date with modern style, where an inspiration is the concept of a “living tree”.  In rooms are bamboo walls, decoration also is a delicate leaf-motif fabrics and inpaper lanterns.

Luxurious room with a view on Tokyo

Restaurants where guests can enjoy their meals are cluster of Michelin-starred! You can find which cuisine which you want taste the most: Cantonese in Sense and the Tapas Molecular BarFrench in Signature, fresh fish in Sushi Sora and everything is looking delicious, not without reason those restaurants have Michelin star.

#5 Amanemu, Mie Prefecture


The beautiful coast and a lot of islands are scattered around a number of bays, this amazing place is a  National Park Ise-Shima in Mid Prefecture. On the quiet hilltop, around forest, with a sea views across Ago Bay is located Amanemu. Just few hours by train to big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto. Hard upon is temple Ise-Jingu, the most important and the oldest shrine in Japan.

Ise-Shima National Park 


Shrine Ise-Jingu

This hotel which is in heart of the nature was designed by architect Kerry Hill. There reigns minimalism and modern idea to create a place for he guest on the shape of traditional Japanese minka country homes. Bamboo, stone and wood are dominate in that area. You can take a rest on the garden courtyards or some pavilion-style structures.

Apartment in Amanemu

Tempura, bento boxes of sashimi, local Mastusaka wagyu beef or spiny lobster curries are just few of the dishes that you can try there. Japanese delights are prepared by chef Masanobu Inaba and the menu change from season.