Nailing the Roman Holiday Aesthetic

Nailing the Roman Holiday Aesthetic


Italians are fashionable. Their clothes and their style is just as infamous around the globe as those of the Parisians. For fashionistas, a Roman holiday is the perfect time to let your imagination go wild and to truly work on perfecting your wardrobe for while you are away. Italy is home to the biggest names in fashion, from Versace, Prada, Armani, Gabbana, and so much more. The Italian style is quintessentially made of excellent quality and classic finesse. To nail your look for your upcoming Roman holiday, follow this guide:

Tailored Fits are For Everyone
The Italians are known for their well-fitted, well-made clothing, so to blend in and look flawless during your time in Rome leave the bohemian, flowing dresses at home and instead opt for tailored-for- you fashion. If you want to take this tip with you when you go home, opt to get your clothing tailored at your local dry-cleaners so that all your clothes fit you like a glove.

Big on Brands
With so many established and up and coming designers in Italy, it’s no wonder that a key statement of Italian style is that their clothes are designer made. Now, you don’t have to save your paycheck for the biggest names before you go on your trip. Instead, take some time to shop during your Roman holiday and pick up some designer pieces from up-and- coming designers once you’re there. These clothes will make the ultimate souvenir to bring home, and you will have helped a local artist continue their dream.

When in Doubt, Go Black
Black is a timeless look that all Italians adhere to, so when you are packing up to go on your trip, remember to bring a few statement black pieces. These pieces work perfectly as a base for whatever color is in fashion during the time you are there. You’ll know what colors are in style by what’s in stores. You should also consider buying some well-fitted denim jeans, which are another Italian staple.

Be Appropriate
Rome is littered with churches, which also act as many of the city’s top tourist destinations. You are welcome to explore these churches as you please, if they allow visitors, however, you need to remember to be respectful. Many churches require you to cover your shoulders and your legs. This is true for every visitor, so when you’re on your Vatican tour, respect their wishes.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
Italian footwear is infamous for style and quality, which is why you shouldn’t worry too much about what shoes to bring to Rome, but instead to add shoes to your shopping list. The styles available are unique and the material typically made of leather. These are shoes designed to last. Your Roman holiday can become the picture-perfect experience with the right wardrobe. Bring tailored, fitted clothes, and statement pieces to get you off on the right track, but save some space in your suitcase to bring home the best souvenirs or them all – new clothes and shoes!