Winter is here – time for the luxurious fur

Winter is here – time for the luxurious fur


Winter is here – time for the luxurious fur

The first days of winter are so near that means that soon we will have full moral right to wear a fur coat. Especially the weather forecast predicts persistent minus and freezing.

Fur coat – is a dangerous thing, as even the most beautiful one can look old-fashioned and might add age to the owner. Now we will tell you what kind of fur coats and in which entourage the fashion has predicted for us this season.

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#1 Practical “shaggy” fur coat

Practical fur – this one that does not crumple and shine. Combine it with clothes and accessories in a sports style – with training outfit, hoodie and large bag.

#2 A classic of the genre

Classic – this are mink, sable, astrakhan and other luxurious fur. This winter they are supposed to be worn with feminine clothing – strict suits, long dress and high heels. Not to look too serious, give the image of negligence – loose your hair, for example.

#3 With belt   

And one more tip – emphasize your waist. Tighten the fur coat with a belt, not necessarily with a classic black one. Use something bold – a cowboy one with several buckles or suede one.