Winter holidays in Metropolitan? Pack to stay Warm and be City Icon

Winter holidays in Metropolitan? Pack to stay Warm and be City Icon


It doesn’t matter where did you decide to travel, Far East or North America, holidays should be in style. While traveling it’s hard to take along all desired wardrobe, however, having the necessary accessories you can create diverse image every day while travelling to museum, having cozy evening with friends or going for romantic dinner.

Go away for a winter trip in metropolitan you want to feel not just comfortable, but stylish as well. How to do it if outside temperature is close to zero and you don’t have enough space in your luggage to take all clothes that you want? How to select outfit which not only look stylish though keep you away from nipping winter breeze?

One of the simplest but brilliant way is to wear clothes applying the principle of stratification. This way to wear attire allows to combine lightweight fabric shirts or blouse, which are designed to wear in summertime, with thick sweater and black trousers or jeans. In general this trick will let you look contrary every day.


Love to feel warm, but you are not the fan of stratification? Take fur coat or oversize coat to your trip and don’t worry about cold weather. Combine coat with accessories and create different image daily.

#Fur Coat

#Oversize coat

You are nor a fan of a fur? Choose sports style which will not only heat you up, moreover, will allow you to feel extremely comfortable while exploring. Glossy fabric will not remain unnoticed, yet establish the image of the modern city women.

#Sport style

Love feminine style and you have wardrobe full of skirts and dresses? Travelling in winter time warm fabric skirt or dress will make you look stretch moreover inhibit freeze even spending all day long outside. Combine different accessories and create the unique image every day. One of season must have is any kind of inwrought tights, thus if you like to look wanton or playful, don’t hesitate, place it straight in to your luggage and astonish surrounding ones.

#Day dress

Miscellaneous colors and size pullovers are indispensable winter garment. Combine oversize sweater with thigh leather boots or high heels any time of the day.

#Oversize sweater

Holidays is unimaginable without having a look at night city life. Eternal classic – black will never let you down. Add some red color accessories or chose dress with red accents – it will make outfit more visible and will create the image of brave city woman. Dare to wear it and be diva of the night.

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