FACETASM x The Woolmark Company

FACETASM x The Woolmark Company


Japanese fashion brand FACETASM is deeply rooted in Tokyo’s street culture. While the founder and designer Hiromichi Ochiai done a travel to Australia he visited a Merino wool-growing property. With that meeting he marked the partnership with The Woolmark Company up to two seasons.

“I saw how much the sheep farmers have loved the sheep, nature and their own land over generations,” said Ochiai of his trip to Australia. “It was such a precious experience for me to actually talk to farmers and experience how Merino wool is produced. Although so far I had seen Merino wool only at the fabric stage, through this visit I learnt it is actually based on so much love and history. I would like to deliver the story behind Merino wool and incorporate this invaluable experience in my creations”

Autumn/Winter 18/19 and Spring/Summer 19 will be a wool-rich time and both capsule collections will be Woolmark-certified. This is a long-standing collaboration where The Woolmark Company will support design team of fashion label FACETASM. In the upcoming collection they will draw on the most innovative fabrics and yarns and the main goal is also connecting the design team with the wool supply chain.

Since 2007, when FACETASAM was founded, wool has been an integral part of their collections. Partnership between Hiromichi Ochiai and The Woolmark Company is a great opportunity to both of them. FACETASM can find inspiration for new collections and Woolmark gain a support from fashion label brand.

“This partnership deepens the relationship between the Australian wool industry and Japan’s fashion industry, with FACETASM taking the two to a global audience via its extensive range of stockists.”- said The Woolmark Company Managing Director Start McCullough – „Hiromichi Ochiai will be our first global wool ambassador from Japan”

The capsule collection Fall/Winter 18/19 will be unveiled in Paris in January 2018.