Feel summer at the Xmas time and pack your luggage for the Beach Holiday!

Feel summer at the Xmas time and pack your luggage for the Beach Holiday!


Christmas is the time when you take few days off at work and you can begin your next journey around the world with your family and friends.

City break is perfect if you like spend time in metropolis, when you like sport activities you are going to mountains for skiing or snowboard. But when you want just rest in rays of the sun you are looking for a place where is always hot. Where you can relax on the beach seating in the shadow of palm tree and look on the ocean which iridesce in countless number of blue color.

To be ready for chill on the beach and take a sun in beautiful bikini check out beach styles and find which of them describe you. Complete your luggage with new clothes for your next tropical travel. Just click on the swimsuit, dress, coverups, kaftans or sarongs that you like and go directly to online store Net-a-Porter to buy!


#1 Regin of Polka – dot

Dots, dots, dots everywhere! Stop in 60’s when polka- dot experienced the renaissance. Choose classical pattern with black and white color or play a bit with your style and use colorful dots which will attract attention of your person.


#2 Boho experiment

Hippie style born in the second half of 60’s and took a place also in 70’s. Currently it has changed in Boho. This incompact look is always ideal, give you a comfort and make you beautiful.

#3 Wear in Black

Not from today we know that little black dress for women is sublime. Why not use this color also on the beach? In black swimsuit you will feel femininely. By the way you can not forget about important fact that you are taking more sun and in January you can enjoy your suntan!

#4 Lady look

If you want highlight your womanhood this proposition are for you. Nicely dresses and  bikini enhance your female shapes. Show yourself and save your daily lady style even on the holiday!


#5 Be Sporty

When sport is your second name identify yourself with this also on the beach. You will feel comfortable when you will attend in sport activities like surfing, flyboard, wakeboard or other. Also beach dress can be sporty!


#6 Flower – power

Never say goodbye to flowers! Blossoms are always a good idea, with them you will feel girly, but is mean also that you wear with the taste. Colorful flowered pattern look well on all beachwear clothes.