Let it snow this Christmas! Pack for the snowy mountains

Let it snow this Christmas! Pack for the snowy mountains


Let it snow this Christmas! Pack for the snowy mountains

Christmas…  Just the mention of it conjures images of breath-catching lights, presents, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and our inner wishes. It’s the scene we all wish for when we fling open the curtains on Christmas morning – a crisp, white blanket of snow covering rooftops and chimney breasts as far as the eye can see.

Christmas night will not be full with miracles and magic without snow. Sitting around a cozy fire wrapped in cashmere and faux-fur throws, sipping on a warm mulled wine with views of a stunning winter wonderland outside is the idea of the most magical Christmas night.

So, if you plan to spend this Christmas in magical white mountains, and since it’s already time to prepare for the trip it’s only fair to share a list of the essential as well as trendy garments and accessories so you will be fully equipped before take-off.

As your trip is not just the Christmas night you should be well and trendy equipped for other days as well – walking outside in the snow and later spending cozy evenings with your friends or family inside.

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#1 Warm and luxurious

For outside look team the fur jacket with comfy leggings, ski boots and soft and warm accessories.

Prada Fall-Winter 2017

#2  Cool and sporty

For more sporty look compared to the previous one choose a plush jacket. Volume of down is the main criteria – let it be as big and as impressive as possible. Be cool and pack glossed or even metallic jacquard leggings for your happy trip. If you don’t want to hide your beautiful hair don’t forget to select your preferred earmuff. As you are going in the high mountains, where hands should be hidden in the warm gloves and not busy with carrying different stuff, use the most comfy item of this season – belt bag.

Photo: Sandra Semburg

Coach 1941 Fall-Winter 2017

#3 Comfy and cozy

Now let’s think about the inside looks. You will totally fit Christmas period mood and spirit with the over-sized knitted sweater and skinny leggings. Mountain resort is a place where your woolen, colorful tights can be carelessly put on with your best boots.

Chloe Fall-Winter 2017-18

#4 Knit and floral

With a desire to dazzle more during Christmas night so than we do throughout the rest of the year, it’s hardly surprising that we can be left struggling for inspiration.

Christmas night is a mix of your inner warmness and lightness. To correspond to this mood we suggest you to include the same combination in your outfit for this festive night.

Warm up the ruffled and draped floral dress with the over-sized knitted cardigan and rock this look with the ankle boots.

Coach Fall-Winter 2017-18

#5 The Great Gatsby mood

For a retro-style night in the mountains we suggest do add more glitter and sequins, pull up embellished tights and don’t leave your hair without embellishment.

And still – it’s a mountain holiday, therefore we suggest conclude this look with the flat loafers instead of the high heels.

Rochas Fall 2017