Hottest New Trends in Eyelashes

Hottest New Trends in Eyelashes


If you’re eyes are the windows to your soul, then it’s time to bat those gorgeous lashes! Forty percent of mascara users are “volume seekers,” according to Procter and Gamble, making lash extentions a bold beauty trend growing in popularity. Eyelash extensions mean you can be A-list- celeb glamorous without excessive amounts of makeup— and everyone from the red carpet to the office assistant is wearing them. Whether you’re casually looking into getting some yourself, or you’re an esthetician brushing up on industry trends, here are some of the newest happenings:

Silk Lashes
Silk lashes are a balance between the dramatic effect synonymous with false lashes, and a more natural, everyday look. While synthetic extensions offer thickness and are very intense, more appropriate for evenings or special occasions, silk lashes are lighter and softer. They offer a more natural look for the ladies (or gents!) who want a bit of emphasis but prefer subtle rather than over the top. While they blend well, they’re made out of synthetic fibers and therefore length and thickness can be altered to suit.

Multi-length Volume Lashes
If you’re after a feather effect, multi-length lashes may be the best choice for you. With each row consisting of roughly three different lengths of lashes, somewhere between 7mm and 12mm, these multi-length extensions add a level of dimension not seen among other falsies. By having different lengths, they not only mimic the normal growth cycle of eyelashes but are much lighter while still being voluminous. The feathery effect also heavily depends on which mascara and wand you use for mascara application.

Colored Silk Lashes
For that extra touch, why not try adding a little bit of color? You can now get fully colored fake lashes in a variety of shades like purple, pink, blue and even rainbow (which are all the rage) that still add volume to your eyes. It’s the perfect touch for a night out or to add a little drama for a special occasion. Alternatively, you can also add some color to your lashes to accentuate your eye color on an everyday basis, using a specific technique. If you’re interested in learning this, or many other techniques, you can get certified as a lash artist.

Ombre Silk Lashes
Ombre first took on the hair industry and has continued to dominate as a popular beauty trend, now moving its way into eyelashes. To create the two-toned look, each fiber is dipped into a color dye – popular choices include purple, green and blue. To bring even more glitz to the look, you may see that some lash artists can do a custom dye, in which you can combine different colors on the same eye.
Extentions are a great beauty trend that can be used for a variety of occasions – whether you’re looking for a dramatic, glamorous look or just to accentuate your eyes on an everyday basis.