Johny Dar’s from ‘Scars’ to the Stars

Johny Dar’s from ‘Scars’ to the Stars


New songs appeared on the Johny Dar’s album‚ ‘Dardelica’. ‘Scars’ is a dramatic departure from the motivating power- house ‘Game On’ and the dreamy glide of ‘Be Free’. It’s a song about choice, and the decision to end suffering by facing and releasing the pain of the past, through the cathartic power of music.

‘Scars’ is about journey between pain and love. It’s gut wrenchingly raw – some lyrics childlike and innocent (‘You hurt me much’) and others imbued with hard- won wisdom born of experience (‘I’ve cried my seas, and ready to leave you pain’). The song let you feel humbled by the experience of how much pain love can hold. Euphoric that we have survived the storm. And inspired to discover just how strong we really are.

Never before have we heard Dar so tender or so powerful as in ‘Scars’, where his unprecedented vocal talent is fully revealed for the first time. His incomprehensible ‘alien-rap’ is the the guiding force of the track, that carries you further than you expected and gives you more than you imagined.

It has to be heard to be believed.



‘Scars’ will be available on all digital platforms from December 1st 2017.

All tracks from the ‘Dardelica’ album are produced by Dan Vinci.



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