A Guide To Reinventing Your Wardrobe

A Guide To Reinventing Your Wardrobe


If you’re someone who’s always going to your closet and finding nothing to wear, then it could be time to start looking at new wardrobe options. Don’t dive in without a plan, because it’s a big project that needs your full attention. Avoid any urges to completely clear out your closet without a strategy.
You’re probably attached to a lot of your garments and may find it hard to part ways. This undertaking requires you to be fully invested if you want to do it right. Your reward will be dazzling new clothes that fit your style and make you feel good. See a guide to reinventing your wardrobe.

Reflect on your Personality&Style
This is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on your personality traits and current style. Take pictures, make notes and rummage through your clothes to get a better idea of what you’re all about. Determine if this is a look and path you want to continue on, or if you’re ready for a big change. Ask others what they think of your outfits and your overall demeanor on a daily basis. Put on some of your favorites and take a look in the mirror with a critical eye.

Do your Homework
Don’t assume you know what’s fashionable. It’s necessary to research what’s out there, and the latest and hottest trends for your age group and gender. Scan the Internet and go through fashion magazines to keep up with all there is to know about fashion. Attend a local fashion
show or discuss the topic with someone who you know is doing a good job in the space. Take notes and start to highlight your favorite pieces and styles.

Clean out your Closet
Next, you have to be willing to clean out your closet and comb through all of your clothes. Do this as a way to not only make room for the new, but to also get a better idea of what you already have and what you like and don’t like. Either donate the items to charity or see if a friend would like them. This will be a refreshing project that will help you see what you have, what you think will be staying with you and what you have no problem leaving behind. This will also allow you to find clothes quicker when you’re in a hurry to get out the door.

Start Browsing
This is your chance to explore and see what’s out there and available for you to purchase. Head to the mall and local stores to simply look. This isn’t a time to whip out your credit card just yet. You’re getting an idea of what’s out there and practical options for work, casual wear and play. There are also websites to scour like 3WISHES.COM for when it’s time to replace your lingerie, which should definitely be addressed as part of this task. When visiting websites, you have more of a private shopping experience and can dig deeper into your likes and dislikes in all sorts of clothing categories.

Go Back through your Wardrobe
Cleaning out your closet is only the first step in transforming your wardrobe. Now that you have a better idea of what you might buy, it’s time to go back through your clothes and make sure you don’t want to get rid of or keep any other garments. Go slow and take your time trying items on. Be discerning and only hang onto clothes that you’ll wear and are flattering on you. Since you’re revamping, it’s okay not to have much left for wearing when you’re all done with this exercise. Think of all the people who will benefit from your donations.

Try Pieces on at the Store
This is the fun portion and part of the process you should embrace. Go shopping and try on clothes, so you can see what they look like on your body. Don’t be discouraged if you visit stores where the clothes don’t look good on you. While you want to be fashionable, you don’t want to buy items for that reason only. Make sure the clothes flatter your body and enhance your appearance before considering a purchase. If it helps, bring a friend and ask them to be critical about what is attractive and what can stay at the store. At this point, try clothes on and make a mental note about what you like, but hold yourself back from racking up the credit card just yet.

Create A Budget
The goal of this project isn’t to have you go broke and regret you ever started revamping your wardrobe. Sit down and create a budget that lays out exactly how much you want to spend and on which kind of items. It’s not a good idea to go shopping in person or online without a budget in mind. Now that you have a discerning eye, it’ll be easier to stick to the range you set for yourself and not overspend. Hold yourself accountable for adhering to your budget by setting weekly and monthly limits on yourself. Remember that it’s more important to have a few
amazing items that make you look fantastic, then it is to own a bunch of clothes that don’t do much for you.

Observe others
You can learn a lot by simply being a silent spectator. Always be observing and taking in your surroundings. Look at others while you’re out at the grocery store, at work and on a run in the neighborhood. Keep your eyes open for what other people are wearing and what you do or don’t like about what you’re witnessing. This is especially helpful if you notice people who are similar to you in age, height and sex. If you absolutely love an item someone else is wearing, don’t be afraid to reach out with a compliment and ask them where they got it.

Go Outside the Box
Reinventing your wardrobe is a chance to completely rework yourself, or at least go outside the box a bit. Use clothing as a way to challenge yourself and stretch your own limits. If you’re someone who only wears black, then start incorporating more color into your wardrobe. If you
never wear heels or wouldn’t dare be seen in a hat, then this is your chance to explore those options and determine if it’s the direction you want to go. That’s why it’s important to study fashion magazines and see what celebrities are wearing, because they aren’t afraid to be different and make a statement.

Start Buying&building
Now’s the time when you can finally start buying and building a new wardrobe. You’ve done your homework, cleared your closet and figured out what your revamped style may look like. Shop, try on and purchase clothes that are within your budget and are flattering on you. Try on
whatever you buy again once you get home to make sure you like it and then hang it up in your closet. There should be plenty of space for you to begin placing your new garments. Going through this entire process is also going to make it easier for you to dress each day, because
you won’t have to think about it as much.

Focus on the Details
A new wardrobe isn’t just about a new pair of jeans or top. It’s also about accessorizing and how you carry yourself. You should now feel more confident in how you look and want to let everyone know you’re back and better than ever. Go out and find accessories that complement your outfits and shoes that give you that extra boost of self-assurance. Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses, nail polish or a statement necklace, use details to complete your ensemble and appear completely put together from head to toe.

Show off your New Look
Put on your new clothes, accessories and attitude and go show it off to the world. You should want to be more social than ever knowing you will be able to dress the part no matter the occasion. You’ll likely receive lots of compliments and have to explain to others how you did it
and where you bought particular garments. Don’t worry if someone else doesn’t like what you’ve picked out to wear. Style is about owning your appearance and being comfortable in your own skin. Not every item you wear is going to be a winner to others, but if it is in your eyes, then that’s all that matters.

It’s not as easy as waking up one day and hoping your clothes will look and feel better on. Fashion takes patience and perseverance to master. Believe that you’re worth it and can transform your style with the right game plan. Use these tips to help get you started on the right path. Clothes can always be returned, so don’t worry if you don’t nail it on the first try. This is a guide to reinventing your wardrobe.