Gift ideas for Rock Chicks

Gift ideas for Rock Chicks


Every rock chick needs some glitz and glamor this festive season. So even if you are shopping for the most hardcore rock fan, there’s bound to be a gift that makes them smile. Rock chicks are notoriously hard to choose and buy gifts for. More frequently found rocking out in dark bars in Dr Martens on a Saturday, rather than browsing Topshop, Gucci or Marni for the latest must have, a rock chick will appreciate a present that is both edgy and practical. This season, old school accessories have had a whole new makeover. Think subtle sparkles, feminine grunge and practical boots with a more feminine edge – so cute, you may even want to wear them yourself.
If you are shopping for a rock chick this Christmas, then worry not. You can pick up some classic pieces that won’t break the bank, and should last a few seasons too. Plus, you can even add some glitz, glamor and sparkle into the darkest of wardrobes too. So, if you are struggling with what to buy, then these gift ideas will help you to give any rock chick a much-needed makeover.

A new release
Even if the Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath are more on your rock chick’s playlist, a new release may surprise them this festive season. Every music lover will want to expand his or her collection, so why not consider giving a new release as an alternate gift idea? Stars such as Sia and even Taylor Swift are giving traditional pop a much edgier feel. In fact, the mainstream music scene is getting emotional and a whole lot darker. So, if you want to give a gift that is both on trend and practical, then a new LP does just that.

A classic accessory
Style is getting a whole lot more practical. Gone are the days of high heels and clutch bags, think cozy knitwear, denim jackets and comfy boots when it comes to today’s classic accessories. The same can be applied when it comes to music accessories. Custom guitar straps are a stylish accessory, which also look cool when out of the recording studio, while guitar plucks make awesome jewelry, used by designers such
as Tatty Devine for some seriously unusual accessories. Large leather handbags are the ultimate accessories for any rock chick, great for filling up with makeup, sunglasses and drumsticks. Classic fashion accessories are moving from haute couture to downtime elegance. So, if you are looking for a gift idea that can be used for everyday chic, while also dressing up an outfit, then consider investing in a classic accessory.

Cozy downtime
Every rock chick will appreciate some downtime. All those long hours on the road, on the tour bus, and long nights on stage can be tough. So if you are looking for the ultimate in luxurious loungewear, then pajamas should be on the top of your list. Whereas you might previously have given a scented candle, or bath accessories, pajamas are the ultimate must have for any rock chick that needs to relax and unwind.
If you want to give a gift that is ideal for those colder winter nights, then check out styles in fleece or plaid materials. Hardcore rock fans will appreciate silks and slightly sexier styles – where the top can even be jazzed up and used for a night out or after party. While it might not seem such an obvious gift, pajamas are the ideal for a rock chick that’s seriously hard to buy for.

Noise reducing headphones

Ideal for practice time or just rocking out while on the subway, noise reducing headphones are must have tech for any serious rock fan. Available in a range of colors – so you don’t always have to buy black – these headphones block out any external noise, meaning you can turn the volume right up while keeping your ears cushioned. Super cool while slung around your neck, noise-reducing headphones are the ideal gift for any rock chick that wants a gift that’s both stylish and practical. Not to mention, ideal if you are trying to grab some shut eye in between concerts.

Glitz and glamor
Everyone needs a bit of glitz and glamor in their life. No more so than if you love the party scene, or spend your Saturday nights rocking out with cute guys at the bar. While some outfits might not scream rock, choosing the right accessories can add some much-needed sparkle and shine to the most gothic of wardrobes. If you are buying for a friend who shies away from daylight or sequins, then some glitz and glamor could help give them a makeover that will boost them into 2018 and beyond. Start with a slogan t-shirt if you are on a stricter budget. Practical and subtle, this is a must have if you are trying to slowly introduce some sparkle into your rock chick’s wardrobe. More flamboyant dressers will love a rhinestone or sequin studded jacket. You need not discount leather or denim as an option either, as this can be enough to
give even the grungiest of dressers a glamorous lift. Finally, think footwear. If you have a friend who lives in scuffed boots, then now’s the
time to surprise them with a pair of this season’s studded or heeled options. Choose a block heel over stilettos – for added practicality, and let your enthusiasm run wild. Rock chicks live in their boots, so why not give them a seriously stylish option for when the Dr Martens need to stay at home in the closet. It’s easier than you think to inject a bit of glitz and glamor into any rock chick’s outfit, so choose wisely.
If you shuddered at the thought of buying black t-shirts, punk-inspired accessories and Black Sabbath LPs for the third year in a row then think again. This year rock is getting a whole new look. From checking out the latest chart releases, cozy pajamas, seriously stylish accessories and gifts that sparkle and shine, this year you can be sure to choose a present that both you, and your rock chick will love.