Attending Your First Fashion Week

Attending Your First Fashion Week


While once fashion week was an industry event that occurred only in the fashion capitals in the world, it has since become increasingly popular. There are now other hotspots besides the “Big Four” of London, New York, Milan, and Paris. Today, you can find fashion week occurring in other big cities like Berlin, LA, Madrid, Rome, and even Tokyo. Fashion weeks are a global phenomenon that allow fashion designers to showcase their latest designs, and for new talent to make a statement.
Either way, fashion week is a fun and exciting experience for any fashionista, which is why you need to attend one of the Big Four’s fashion weeks in your lifetime. To get you ready, follow these steps:

1. Know the Designers
When you want to make the most of your experience at a Fashion Week, you want to know the designers that are showcasing their work. That way you can not only follow their work and be appropriately knowledgeable about the designer and the style, but you will also know which events you will want to attend. The more you know which designers you like, the more you’ll get out of attending a Fashion Week.

2.  Buy Your Tickets
Tickets are typically sold as passes. You can get a regular pass that will let you have access to the festival itself, or you can splurge a bit more and get more access to events, catwalks, and even have the chance to have one-on- one discussions with designers. There are events throughout the day, so schedule appropriately and make sure you have the ticket that gives you the access that you want.

3. Book Time Off Work
Fashion Week festivals usually take the full seven days, which is why if you want to make the most out of the experience, you should book the time off work. Treat yourself to a perfect fashion vacation, and get out there! You can attend industry talks, see catwalks, and even update your wardrobe. Since these fashion shows occur in big cities, you will also be able to explore top destinations like London or Paris.

4. Make Arrangements
Once you have everything ready for your time at the fashion week, it’s time to make arrangements back home. This means getting someone to either house sit, or dog sit if you need to. It could even mean getting a carrier from so that you can transport your canine companion to either a friend’s place, or to a great kennel. Make sure your pets and plants are taken care of, so you can have fun at the fashion week without stressing about what is occurring at home.

5. Prepare to Document Your Experience
Fashion week is an event, which is why you should aim to document your experience as much as possible. Taking photos, videos, and writing about your experience is encouraged, and can even make you a trendsetter.
Fashion week is a must for any fashion-forward thinker. Not only does it allow you to be right in the thick of the action, it also allows you a better insight into the fashion industry itself. These fashion events typically take place twice a year, so you can attend one that suits your schedule.