Tips For Improving Your Fashion IQ

Tips For Improving Your Fashion IQ


Becoming fashionable doesn’t happen overnight. You have to make it a goal and then take deliberate action to help yourself learn the ins and outs. It’s not a simple industry to catch on to, and you’re going to run into frustrations as you try to work on your own wardrobe.

Stay patient and understand it’s going to be a process, but you’ll eventually get there if you stick with it. Put it at the front of your to-do list and have fun challenging yourself to become an expert, or at least becoming more knowledgeable. See tips for improving your fashion IQ.

Read Blogs & Magazines

Start by educating yourself by reading fashion blogs, such as those published by well-known brands, like Beulah London. They’re where they are today, because of the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table. Their blog covers their mission, important announcements and ideas for enhancing your fashion sense. In addition to online publications, there are a lot of excellent magazines out there with descriptions and pictures of what’s trending and clothing ideas for you to consider for yourself.

Attend Fashion Shows

Do what you’ve never done before and attend a fashion show. Get a feel for the structure and how they work in general. Take notice of what the models are wearing and listen to the descriptions, so you start picking up on the language and understand the importance of the details in the fashion world. Sit back and enjoy as you get to see beautiful garments on display. Get a feel for what you like and don’t like and form opinions that will help you shape your own sense of style.

Go Shopping

Take a hands-on approach to learning more about fashion by going shopping. Pick a weekend and hit up as many stores as possible to see what’s out there. It doesn’t mean you have to buy any clothes, but simply observe and take it all in. Try on different pieces and take a mental note about what you like and think looks good on you and what doesn’t. This exercise will get you more comfortable making judgments about what appeals to you and you’ll feel more at ease discussing fashion when you have experiences under your belt, including the fashion show. Train yourself to be able to look and try on without buying. This way you’ll only purchase items you truly love and feel good wearing.

Observe others

Become an active observer of others and notice what they’re wearing. Scan what people are wearing when you’re out in public and take note of what you do and don’t like. This will give you a more real-world idea of what fashions are in your community. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone else if you like what they’re wearing and ask them where they bought their outfit or like to shop. 


It’s healthy always to be learning and wanting to know more. Use this as an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and wardrobe. These are tips for improving your fashion IQ.