Fashion sweets for X-mas by Armani

Fashion sweets for X-mas by Armani


Magic of Christmas is coming and for this special time Armani/Dolci prepared again masterpieces to make time with your family even better. Delicious fashion sweets from Armani will embellish your table, but also will be a perfect dessert after the traditional main dishes.

Armani/Dolci are made up from the excellence quality of indigents, with the accurate processing according to tradition. Always packed in the original and elegant way.

In the collection for X-mas 2017 are cakes like Pandora and Veneziana. But also classic Panettone that has a new taste, this version is created with pears and chocolate and in the small size of 100 grams. In this year new is as well Panettone  with saffron that is for sale only exclusively in the limited edition. Likewise Christmas line of sweets has boxes of chocolates, pralines, chocolate squares, dragées and marron glacé.

This year the color which decorate collection is a bright red cherry. The paper has brilliant metal reflections and golden interior. Bakery products are placed in round, elegant boxes called cappelliere dolci, other sweetness also are in the attracting attention boxes. Gorgeous addition to this beautiful decoration of pastries and sweets is the red ribbon on the boxes which is seal with embossed gold logo of Armani/Dolci.

Fashion sweets collection will be available in stores Armani/Dolce and on them website from November 17.