Priscilla Royer designed “The Mad Hatted” collection for Maison Michel

Priscilla Royer designed “The Mad Hatted” collection for Maison Michel


We are in Paris bathed in the light, but not in this from postcard-like archetypes. The people are a gang of hat-wearing kids strolls through the hallways of Studio Berçot School.

This is how Maison Michel presents the new line of hats, called „The Mad Hatted”, with help of photographer Dexter Navy. These images symbolize the form of luxury that is equivalent to savoir-faire as much as progress.

However, the main role in that collection has a designer Priscilla Royer, Creative Director. She has under control artistic vision of „The Mad Hatted” where she geared towards the individual and his or her style. Gender-neutral designs, like a minimalist beret or oversized bucket hat, are a signs of belongings to a secret society. With those hats you can call over a dream where the future is united and various, where the style will begin to be the assent and peculiarity vector.

The aura of Maison Michel is characterized by strong personalities – both, femine and masculine. Priscilla take inspirations from the archives, blend shapes and fabrics. Her products combine innovative technologies, wearability, alternative cultural and historical references and also freedom in attitudes. She has obsession is give and also promote pride in individuality.

Maison Michel again etrenizes what hats have always achieved: to be a frame as well as a celebration of all faces.