The Forêts fragrance Christian Tortu

The Forêts fragrance Christian Tortu


The evocative power of forests is rooted in the mystical scenarios related to them, scenery rooted in our memory, which fascinates us so much because of the richness and strength of their fragrances and the aromas that mingle in their most hidden heart.
Pino’s resin and needles, Cisto Labdano, Virginia’s Cedar leaves and wood, freshly cut moss and grass blend and give birth to this unique fragrance that creates dependence …

The Forêts fragrance is available as: Liquid soap 500 ml, Diffuser 250 ml, Spray environment 100 ml, PotPourri 450 gr, Charge for Pot-Pourri 15 ml, Perfumed candle 190 gr.

VERT FRAIS: A delicious bouquet of floral notes creates the heart of the fragrance together with Bergamot, Citrus and Cereals, joining the rich and audacious scent of Verbena. FORÊTS: A mixture of needles of pine, resin, labdano, leaves and wood of Virginia Cedar, freshly cut Moss and Grass give birth to this unparalleled fragrance that creates dependence. PROVENCE L’ÉTÉ: Dragoncello and Lavender combine with precious raw materials such as Cedar and Patchouli and the balsamic notes of Labdano, Fava Tonka and Mirra. MUGUET DES BOIS: A very delicate gourmet fragrance, featuring a wonderful lily of the moon with a touch of Vanilla in the heart. PROVENCE L’HIVER: A moment of calming tranquility, with Cisto and Cypress combined with Timo and Rosemary. The smell that comes from the forest leaf rug combines with sea splashes.

BOIS DE OUD: The Magnolia pitch with Betulla and Labdano. Precious woody notes dominated by Oud, combined with Incense, Davana, Mirra and Benzoin.