Girls all at table

Girls all at table


Who told that models are always on diet?!?!
Spying on their instagram profiles it would seem that they also occasionally give up some exception to the rule … and then go with pasta, sushi and gourmet pies! There are even those who have accepted MasterChef’s challenge.

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My day with @waso_official in Tokyo finished off with an introduction to washoku 和食 (literally, “food of Japan”) in Nichigekka in Ginza. It’s that “wa” again – a word that is difficult to translate exactly as it encompasses Japan’s reverence for harmony and nature. In cuisine, it’s about extracting the natural flavor of the ingredients as much as possible. As the chef carved out an intricate blossom out of carrot – one of the primary ingredients of the #Waso skincare line because of its skin plumping properties – he was explaining the importance of eating with all of our senses, which is why every kaiseki meal I’ve ever had, always makes me eats super slow, in order to appreciate every mouthful @Shiseido #wasostories #wasobeauty #waso #shiseido #sponsored

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