The limited-edition capsule collection HONEST BY Y/PROJECT

The limited-edition capsule collection HONEST BY Y/PROJECT


Two brands,  the Antwerp-based transparent luxury Honest By and Paris-based label Y/Project teamed up and created the line of clothes that enrich your wardrobe. The limited-edition capsule collection Honest By Y/Project stands out that garments are vegan, organic, skin- friendly and European. Collection was made in France with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) with certified materials and also with accountable manufacturing processes. Every element is in 100% transparent and directly traceable to its suppliers, from button, through linings, up to hangers.

Honest By Y/Project consist from 5 pieces: double shirt in striped organic cotton, trench coat with standing shoulder panel and double belt, long sleeve jersey dress, long sleeve jersey top with elongated shoulder panel and black skirt with asymmetrical detachable leg piece. How was mention before that collection is limited, from every cloth we can find just one piece per size.

Collaboration Honest By Y/Project designate the return of Glenn Martens, creative director of Y/Project to Honest By.

French Photographer Arnaud Lajeunie told about the campaign:

“We wanted to reach the honesty the two labels are famous for, and therefore decided to work at a friend’s apartment, with no hair or make up artist, no assistants, only Glenn, Franziska and I. A simple day. It was really organic, we were chatting about common friends or interests while I was setting up 2 or 3 lights and after a cup of tea, we started to take picture. Franziska is a strong young woman, and we wanted to portray her as she is, without artificial elements.”

From 19th October on social media channels of that two brands  Honest By is released a visual campaign by Arnaud Lajeunie, because limited-edition capsule collection Honest By Y/Project is available for immediate purchase.

“Y/Project is a very honest brand already. He’s built his team with a whole new generation of people. Very faithful, very loyal. He has the ability to take the best of what is offered to him and make it his own. Glenn always appreciated what I was doing and was interested in it so is now already very conscious of the environment. Already for SS18 there was no leather in the show.

 Bruno Pieters on Y/Project (photo by Charlie De Keersmaecker)


“I have followed Honest By since it launched. To me it has always been one of the most ground-brea- king luxury brands in the industry. A lot of young, so called ‘hype brands’ are claiming they want to change fashion or break the industry. But only Honest By has challenged its core and has addressed that which really matters.

 Glenn Martens on Honest By (photo by Arnaud Lajeunie)

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