Spend Less On Hair Extensions and More On Installation

Spend Less On Hair Extensions and More On Installation


Many hairstylists will tell you that the quality of the hair that you have installed will determine how long your extensions will last and how you’ll be able to style them. This information is true, but there is a twist; expensive hair extensions aren’t always high in quality. Hair is a huge global business, and vendors always want to be able to say that they have the best quality hair for their clients. You can touch various
types of hair extensions and feel the differences in quality, but it won’t be until you put them in your own hair, wash, and style them for a few weeks to learn if you’ve gotten a good buy. This is why you should focus on having a professional hairstylist install your hair extensions so they’ll last longer and be the most versatile.

Types of Hair Extensions
You can buy a bundle of hair and have it bonded, braided or even twisted into your existing locks. Then there’s hair on tracks, which are often used in hair weaves and to add volume to client with thinner hair.
Extensions also come on rings that are slid close to the scalp for an almost undetectable look or fully prepared on lacefront wigs, which are a favorite of many, many celebrities. Figure out what style you want and you can determine what kind of hair extensions to get. Women with longer hair might want a lacefront wig if they’re opting for a style that is shorter than their natural tresses. If you have medium length hair and you want your hair cornrowed, loose extensions can be used to add length, color, and volume. Lastly, extensions that have been prepared on tracks or bonding rings are used to give women that voluminous, super long hair that many seem to crave.

Protecting Your Natural Hair
Finding high quality hair extensions is really important if you are going to wear them consistently, but you also need to take steps that will keep your natural hair strong. Your stylist will know whether you should have your own hair braided down before adding extensions or if a protective wig cap should be placed on your head before attaching and styling a wig. Sometimes extension wearers are urged to give
their hair a break between installations so that their natural hair can recover and they won’t experience tension alopecia. Cheap hair extensions can be appropriate when you’re just adding a hairpiece or half wig for volume or a different way to style your hair. For instance, if you’re going on vacation and you don’t want to have to style your hair every day, getting curly cheap hair extensions would give a beautiful style that you’d only have to wear for a week or so.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Hair Extensions Too Long
Even high quality hair extensions have to be maintained and taken out every six to eight weeks. You need to have your natural hair washed and your scalp thoroughly alleviated of dirt and oil for your own hair to continue growing in strong. Wearing extensions all the time will put stress on certain spots on your head, leading to breakage and damage at the root. Find a stylist who is an expert at extension installation and learn how often you can continuously wear a weave or hair extension styles.

Quality Hair Extensions Can Be Reused

Good quality hair extensions, whether they are expensive or not, can generally be reused for months. First, you have to be sure that your hair extensions are made with 100% human hair. Your stylist will treat your hair extensions like they’re growing out of your own head, meaning that they will be washed and deep conditioned whenever you come in for servicing. You can even have quality hair extensions color treated and bleached if you want them to match your hair or color them a more daring shade. Source a vendor who sells nothing but the best quality hair extensions and you can have curly, wavy, and straight hair extensions in every color and length at your disposal.
If your hair extensions are installed by a hair expert they’ll always look extremely natural. Additionally, good hair extension installs are best for your own hair. It’s one thing to wear hair extensions because you like variety but it’s a different story if you wear them because your natural hair has gotten wrecked. It makes sense to spend a little bit more on a great hair extension installation than on hair that may only
last a couple of weeks when you want your hairstyles to look flawless.