#RomanticChicTaste: 5 brunch places around the world

#RomanticChicTaste: 5 brunch places around the world


Who would disagree that the most important meal of the weekend is brunch?! The best part of it – countless time with your family or friends enjoying the great meal with Mimosas!

Continuing our talks with the German Chef, and despite the fact that going all around the world became my way of living, it took me some time to decide to visit those 5 cities. I heard diverse things, but nobody told me that I could find unbeatable restaurants there! Every city which takes its time to reveal itself, yet its worth every single second! Our brunchin go-to spots from Canada to Lithuania, where the cold weather turned into a perfect flavor.

So let’s take a look at the late morning pleasures. The trendy eggs Benedicts, fresh baked muffins, pancakes, scones, pastries, bagels, fresh juice, and fruits!

Nr.1 Kanela-breakfast club, Chicago

When I visited Chicago for the first time, I was telling everyone that it is like famous NYC bigger sister, who already did a carrier and has a lovely family! When I attended a Jazz concert in a small local pub, saw spacious streets and human, who enjoy their daily routine… I just fall in love with the city. Chicago has some magic, believe me!

Let’s face it, pancakes and croissants are delicious whatever you eat them with, but Eggs Benedict or bagel with salmon and avocado take the first place on the table! A bit hipster, but really light, spacious and cozy place for your late morning breakfast. Also, it could be a great shelter to escape the wild or cold weather.


Nr.2 Wulff + Konstali, Copenhagen

I tried to avoid Copenhagen because it looked too cold and minimalistic. Suddenly, after few visits, I thought that I would like to stay there longer and have the healthiest lifestyle on my bike!

It seems that cold weather and windy days inspired Danish to make miracles and open great restaurants! In Denmark, especially, in Copenhagen you are able to enjoy great food all day long. The brunch menu at Wulff + Konstali is all-organic! I mean whatever you order will be just picked from the garden or fresh baked.


 Nr.3 Lady Marmalade Restaurant Breakfast + lunch, Toronto

 Toronto is a vibrant and diverse place, especially during all four seasons. Each neighborhood has its own take on Toronto, bringing out the feeling of many different towns with their culture, and human from all over the world, yet they are all united by street art and good taste – one of the main faces of Toronto.

Lady Marmalade is known for the Top class service, delicious specials, house coffee and… long lines! For that reason, God created reservations and OpenTable app. The wait is really worth it!


Nr.4 Stebuklai Vilnius, Lithuania

A lot of Europeans still think that Lithuania is a Second Russia with humans stuck in time. Well, it is really controversially. You can feel the post-soviet vibe in some neighborhoods, however, Vilnius is ambitious and really fast growing economic city! Anyways, Lithuanians put so much afford in restaurants business and it works pretty well!


The greatest Lithuanian Chef Martynas Praskevicius is leading Stebuklai for many years. Most of the ingredients he uses are from the local farmers and shops. The minimalistic restaurant style and portions always look chic, stylish, and very delicious! One of the most Instagrammed and favorite brunch dish – cottage cheese pancakes with berries!


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Nr.5 Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, London


Someone gotta love the British weather, someone gonna hate it. However, you can always skip the rainy days in the restaurant like this. In Bourne & Hollingsworth Building you will find tropical palms, trailing hibiscus and dangling vines. And it feels like being transported to a small food in the garden paradise. There is nothing like spending a weekend morning or afternoon enjoying your breakfast favorites.

“Wait, don’t touch it and need to take a picture first!” You can hear all around. This place is one of the most Instagrammed places in London! And if you take a look at the pictures you will understand why.