Matchless brand presented Leather Putin Jacket inspired by the President of Russia

Matchless brand presented Leather Putin Jacket inspired by the President of Russia


Today the legendary clothing company Matchless London reveals a new leather bomber inspired by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Putin Jacket is an innovative fashion collection piece from upcoming 2018 season. It is the first Matchless fashion product from high tech leather that resists the extreme cold, up to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Revolutionary process of leather treatment doubles the warmth beyond traditionally processed materials. Innovative treatment also drastically reduces down seepage. Pure white goose and shearling collar elevate Putin Jacket to the top luxury standards. Silhouette of the classic bomber jacket is for flexible movement and coloured in vintage brown. It is equipped with an exclusive hand-made zipper.

Matchless London is famous for its luxury jackets inspired by real and fictions super heroes – from Marlon Brando to Arnold Schwarzenegger and from Batman to James Bond,’ says Manuele Malenotti, the managing director of Matchless London, ’We consider Russian President Vladimir Putin a modern super hero as well, giving personal respect to his strong character, brutal image, sense of humour and calmness as a world leader. In his 65 Putin rides horses and motorcycles, playing ice hockey and practising judo, as we can follow in the media. This is not the usual routine even for much younger leaders. And yes, he runs Russia, the global super powerhouse.’

’We were looking for some creative identification of this special Matchless jacket dedicated to President Putin,’ says Manuele Malenotti, ’The DNA of our brand is motorcycles. It is all about road and distance. Russia is the longest country on Earth. We decided to measure the distance between the westernmost point of Russia that is near Kaliningrad at Russian-Polish border, and the easternmost point of Russia that is Naukan on Bering Strait facing Alaska. Google map counted 6595 kilometres between these two points. Surprisingly figure 6595 also refers to 65th anniversary of the Russian President. Putin Jacket is good enough if you try to cover this distance on a motorcycle.’

About Matchless brand

Matchless London is the iconic British fashion brand of outerwear clothing and accessories from high-performance materials. The company started in 1899 as a first manufacturer of motorcycles in Great Britain. Matchless was the first motorcycle brand that launched own clothing line for bikers. It became very popular in 1920-30s because of famous Matchless ads promoting elegant looks and style. The second life of Matchless started in 2012 when the trademark was acquired by Franco Malenotti, the former champion of Italian superbike series and the man behind Belstaff fashion brand. Along with launching the luxury fashion line of Matchless London, in 2014 Malenotti family has introduced the 115th Matchless anniversary version of classical Matchless Model X bike – Model X Reloaded, designed by Franco Malenotti and the team with respect to the spirit and tradition of Matchless. The original Model X was produced over 80 years ago, and its return in high-end version became the most anticipated event in the world of motorcycles.

In fashion Matchless London reinvented the heritage Kensington and Osbourne jackets, originally worn by iconic figures such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Today Matchless could be found in the wardrobes of public figures such as His Holiness Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, and top celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy, Daniel Craig. Matchless became the jackets of choice for key blockbuster productions such as James Bond Spectre, Star Wars, The Expendables 3, Avengers 2, Batman vs Superman, etc. Matchless London produces the fashion capsule of outerwear inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.