CHANEL’s new watch: CODE COCO

CHANEL’s new watch: CODE COCO


CHANEL designed new accessory. It is a jewel. It is a clock. It is a code.

At first sight, a bracelet shining around the wrist. It’s a jewel. We immediately recognize the closing of the stock exchange 2.55. This jewel is a code. Then two hands appear. This code is a clock. The glance slides along the matelassé bracelet. This clock is decoded.

This watch is called: CODE COCO.

The CODE COCO watch closes with a click like the 2.55 bag created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955 and the closure adorns the heart of the dial.

Open or close, hides or reveals the time that is discreetly overlooking the scene. CHANEL allow to control time, as such is a secret to be protected. The bracelet is with a lightness and does not stop any movement, remembers the first vocation of matelassé motif.

The CODE COCO watch encloses the CHANEL codes, constantly renewed, it is a tribute to a story, a style, a wear.