New collection of CHANEL jewelry wear by Keira Knightley

New collection of CHANEL jewelry wear by Keira Knightley


CHANEL’s revealed new collection of jewelry Gallery Collection that selected for three parts:

My green, My chain and My Red & my golden link.

Inspired by the emblematic codes of the Maison, Gallery Collection is made up of 12 jewels, reinterpreting the stock exchange chain 2.55 and the octagonal shape of Place Vendôme. It is the expression of Chanel Joaillerie’s ever-renewed creativity: an invitation to roam freely between the lines that are architectural and rhythm – like colors.

The yellow gold chain gives the Collection a rigorous geometric structure, both in the simple shape and in the interlaced meshes. Imitated by diamonds, contrasts with the intense red of My Red, with the deep green of My Green’s Malady and Malachite, or with the beautiful facets of My Chain Quartz Quartz.

Gallery collection is an ef mere collection that will present new creations every two years.

My green

In the line showcased ring, cuff and necklace.

My red & my golden link

In the line showcased rings, earrings and cuff.


My chain

In the line showcased rings, earrings, bracelet and necklace.