Shiatzy Chen SS18

Shiatzy Chen SS18


People in the past forged a route to the west, creating opportunities for dialogue between Eastern and Western culture and art.

Walking along the boundless, history-steeped Silk Road, gazing ahead toward the future, one’s imagination runs free, crossing the boundary between dream and reality and entering a space where fantasies become real. Follow by the love of 1930s style, with its elegant aesthetic and attention to detail, like a dream of desert flowers absorb in the rare, treasured nutrients of heaven and earth to burst drape feeling into full bloom beneath the infinite, starry skies.

The SHIATZY CHEN design team started off this season by embarking on a journey to embrace this dream. What they saw on the road became seductive symbols that allowed them to translate the dream into clothing. This season, as in the past, features exclusively designed theme fabrics. Surrealistic brushstrokes were used to recreate the beautiful scenery of the Silk Road; the co-existence of day and night in the artwork is especially enchanting. The integration of natural elements such as light and shadow, rippling water, breeze, and trees present a unique view of the world. The collection also incorporate elements of 1930’s neoclassic style in the graceful lines of the long skirt, lively casual in long or short pants, sportswear and romantically flowing outer garments.

All these elements can be mixed and matched to create many pieces, like colorful flowers in full bloom, with soft lines allow for a graceful ease of movement. This collection features free, flowing silhouettes in bright, contrasting colors, relax and comfortable shape with a drape feeling of straps embellishment. Wonderfully weighted ties and detailed embellishments add polish to the glossy fabrics and delicate sheer silks. Like the reflection of the lake, this mesmerizing collection perfectly interprets the meeting point between the classic essence of East and West.