Resplendent Collection SS18 in the vision of MASHAMA

Resplendent Collection SS18 in the vision of MASHAMA


MASHAMA in her new collection for SS18 done the lyric poem to the movie 2046 which was written and directed by Wong Kar-wai. In that season visions of Mash Ma are connected to the poetic quotes and romantic sci-fi aesthetic underlines from 2046.

Glitch patterns, irregular pleats and prints, tech textiles and materials are the kind of cyber cinematic vibe with fragile essence of Chinese a bit changed, but still recognizable. Inspiration of the qipao dress indicate on the pattern, not form or too dudou top is transformed from undergarment to statement neckline.

Changes of Chinese designer lead to character of women who wear suits and  foreshadow a new city uniform. It is also a return to the pinstripe.  The partner in preparing that collection was KOLON SPORT and shoes that had wear on the runway belonged to STACCATO.



Designer Mash Ma