Kristina Fidelskaya SS18

Kristina Fidelskaya SS18


Balancing a flawless combination of fragility and strength in women is a charming equilibrium to find.

Kristina Fidelskaya’s Spring/Summer ’18 collection titled ‘Anima’ explores the fascinating balance for women, inspired by the story of two delicate yet determined women in the 2012 British romantic drama, W.E movie. Conceptualized by the compelling love stories and courage of young women and their captivating allure in the film, the SS18 collection allows women to appreciate the strength and elegance of femininity in true Kristina Fidelskaya fashion.

Kristina Fidelskaya’s debut in Paris embraced strength combined with frailty as the running theme of the collection. The Italian word ‘Anima’ which translates to ‘soul’ in Italian immaculately represents the depth and personality of the W.E movie and of the brands ninth collection. The collection itself focuses on sculptured volume inspired by the Brutalist architecture, pure lines from early modernism American 30’s architecture as well as romantic components from American art deco.

Kristina presents the strong female personalities from the W.E film and poetically dresses them with muted, earthy tones including mercury, rose quartz and dry tobacco and complements them with delicate glimpses of silk twill, linen toile and organza. Key styles include, Kristina Fidelskaya’s notable jacket dress, structured figure empowering silhouettes as well as floating loose fitting styles. Two-piece looks are immaculately cut and styled with unparalleled jackets, light weight tops and smart use of fabric manipulation. Fashion, art, design, film and photography all unite with notable cultural references reflected from Richard Neutra and Irving Gill, conjoined with colour interest from French photographer, Maripol and American photorealist.

Kristina Fidelskaya’s SS18 collection will be available to purchase by Spring 2018 from the Kristina Fidelskaya Boutique in
WAFI Mall, their showroom in Dubai Design District and online at