“Treasure Hunt” in the Collection of MARNI SS18

“Treasure Hunt” in the Collection of MARNI SS18


New collection of MARNI’s  named “Treasure Hunt”. It is lovingly, spontaneously and surprise. It is a multitude of women, surfing through a multitude of worlds.

In designs we can find swimwear from the 50s and dressing gowns, immense polo and sumptuous skirts, mega trousers and underwear. Presented with delight. It attracts attention with many colors and patterns.

The idea of beauty is a bizarre cocktail is agitated, not blended.The ingredients are numerous: echo couture and languor of the 20s, pose balloon, insolence by skater, raver and flapper. Stitches and hooves are exposed.

New equilibria derive from an angle change or wide-angle. Male pieces shape on the female body. The volumes are reconfigured. Micro becomes macro and vice versa. Harmony emerges from clashes and cacophonies.

A shiny accumulation of fortuity, like the female figures in the first designs by David Salle, seductive in poses, scribbled in sudden gestures. Humanity of touch, expressed by women who live and not just pose.