What’s new about #DAY2 and #DAY3 in VFW?

What’s new about #DAY2 and #DAY3 in VFW?


What kind of styles brought Vancouver Fashion Week to Spring/Summer 2018? Through next days of Fashion Week were presented a lot of types for the new collection, which showcased undiscovered local and international designers.

VFW on the second day (19th of September) began Lillz Killz with her androgenous collection “Profanity” and neon punk and zips blended with vibrant graffiti colours. Lillea Goian showcased a rebellious looks with nose rings, heavy grungy makeup and biker boots. A contrary on the runway constituted Hadasa and Marisa P. Clark Design. They immersed us to the journey full of soft romantic atmosphere which emited through Odysay’s elegant, sheer collection. Next designer who presented collection on the runway was Sheri – the style of Sheri’s was serene and refined. A modern collection full of youthful look put forward Dania Shinkar.

Third day (20th of September) of VFW began with a special showcase of VCC Alumni’s work, with a differential styles. Goodbye Icelander presented collection „The Goddess of Spring” which demonstrated a feminine masculinity with embroidered flowers and bohemian white flicker wristbands. Designer Jules on her runway showed how use lowbrow colors, moccasin boots and feathers – an inspiration for that collection she found in the indigenous. Elham Safaei Couture put forward a quirky look and Hakuyo Miya invited to the pathetic world with sultry feel. In Miya’s showcase for Mouton Blanc presented esthetically gothic outfits, throughout travel to an optical illusion and also shimmering brought collection. Frenzy of the grand finale of Wednesday was exciting art performance – it was an introduction to King & Reign.


Street style of Vancouver Fashion Week