MBFW Istanbul Panel: Fashion without borders

MBFW Istanbul Panel: Fashion without borders


During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, we had a chance to attend Fashion without borders panel by Ece Sukan. A famous Turkish model, TV host, and fashion consultant has invited specialists from different countries to discuss and answer the main question – Do fashion has borders?

I came from the country where seems like nothing could really surprise you. From the country where you see pretty much the same clothes, and style all the time. From the country, which easily let everybody in!

And I came to really diverse country, full of colors, contrast, and controversial feelings. Honestly, first, it was hard to stop comparing Turkey with Europe. Almost in every show, I saw how good Turkish designers know their trade market and how hard they work for it! However, after few days, I had so much respect for them! A lot of designers are looking for inspiration abroad, and it seems that Turkish designers don’t even have to do that. They are inspired by their rich culture, history, and traditions.

“The local things are really important and unique. Creating collections based on a local culture and traditions mean that globalization has non-influence on designers,” said Daniel James Thawley, A magazine editor in chief, Australia. They show their love, loyalty, and cultural understanding.

“The fashion industry inspires other nations to create and show what they have best on the market,” Esteban Cortazar, Columbian designer, agreed.

In China human are not able to use the same network as all world do. It is one of the reasons why E-commerce is so big there. “We always try to bring different shoots from European capitals to show, educate, and inspire people. Probably you have noticed that Chinese just love to learn,” the Editor in Chief shared her experience.

However digital network can break all the boards no. And Fashion is such a wonderful way to overcome political system and express yourself. It is all about individuality and experience exchange!

“The human, all the guests of MBFWI, show that fashion has no borders. That they want to see, learn, and explore. I think it represents the meaning of the Fashion Without Borders in the best way” Markus Ebner, Achtung magazine editor-in-chief, Germany, shared his opinion.

When it was coming to the end, Ece Sukan asked all guests to say something inspirational!

Francesco Sourigues, Hercules magazine editor in chief and creative director, told us a short story about himself.

“At that time I lived 8 hours away from Buenos Aires, in a small town without bookstores or newspaper kiosk. Once per month I was going to Buenos Aires to get new books and magazines, I didn’t know where the future would bring me. Today, I have my own magazine and I find my voice in pictures. Follow and look for your voice. It is really important to know “Who I am and where I want to be.”

“I wish you to experience more. Experience every event that you attend, experience the big and small conversations, experience the new things every day,” the Editor in Chief from China said.

The youngest designer on the market Esteban Cortazar said that nowadays everyone could be a designer, stylist, writer or influencer – what is pretty sad. For that reason, you have to work even harder to prove that you deserve it.

“Be kind. It is hard to be in this game, but try to stay kind. And of course, work hard.” – he wished to all guests.

Leaf Greener, Italian stylist, creative consultant, reporter, agreed with the Columbian designer, saying that “to be a stylist for the magazine is boring nowadays. You are loosing the spontaneity. You should be really catchy to stay in this market. Otherwise, they will forget you less than a week.”

“Stay curious and good enough to bring your dreams to light!” Leaf Greener said at the end.