Keith Haring as inspiration for SS18 collection for COACH 1941

Keith Haring as inspiration for SS18 collection for COACH 1941


COACH 1941 in the collection SS18 want show “a pretty little something on the New York street” – sing a group of A Tribe Called Quest. Strong and delicate, shiny and brilliant. The Style of downton is imperfect  mode to dress up fashionable.

Shine, rough leather and shearling is customized to the city of New York by Keith Haring. He was an American artist and social activist who react on street culture in NY in 1980s. Work’s of Haring was highly discerned in visual language of the 20th century.

Nostalgic touches in collection of COACH 1941 remains a prairie, blended sensuality of wearing slipper is a kind of recall to last hours of the party like New York Dolls. The charm of delicate rose adorn with opaque crystals and floral bouquet are prints on tone which are matched to the texture of the skins and to the details in metal which allude to something what is more obscure.

Lou Reed and William S. Burroughs take it as a subversive attitude. American, Hawaiian prints and  American prints from prairie are having a different context through the biker and silhouettes of varsity jackets. Everything is blended with layers of images which are taken from the archive of Keith Haring.

Unexpected overlapping and contradictions are always personal and individual idea. Celebration of American dreamers, of the infinite spirit of opportunity is it a unlimited creativity. First the courage to be always oneself and afterwards and forever in the heart of the city.