Smart Bag for Smartphone by Barbara Bui

Smart Bag for Smartphone by Barbara Bui


Designer Barbara Bui showed to the world a bag which can help in your daily life. In 21st century the indispensable component of every day is a phone. If you always look for your smartphone in a bag, you can say goodbye to that trouble. Her „Smart Bag” is perfect for you!

“Today we always have our phone in one hand or nearby for professional needs or just to stay connected to our favorite social networks.” – Barbara Bui explain her idea – “Thus when receiving a phone call it may be complicated to search all the corners of your bag to find it! But not anymore…!” With new bag life will be easier.

“Smart Bag” is adapted to all kind of smartphones. Consist of a mirror metallic leather with a silver chain in five colours, from pink, ice blue, fuchsia, tangerine till silver.  Bag will be available exclusively from September 15th on website’s Barbara Bui.

Futhermore Bui found a new visual identity. Came to view new logo and her projects returns to the essence of emblematic style of the 80s: Parisian, ethnic and cheeky.